The Policies of Reproduction at the Turn of the 21st Century. The Cases of Finland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Austria and the US

This book presents 14 contributions by international scholars from 6 different countries on the topic of reproduction policies. In this pathbreaking volume the authors, being experts in various fields, succeed in combining an analysis of child care policies with a discussion of procreative policies in several countries. This combination of two research perspectives provides innovative insights into the relationship between family, gender, and population policies. Although most of the essays concentrate on the reproduction policies of a specific country, this book also provides general conclusions on politics, medical science, and society. Therefore it can without any doubt be regarded as one of the most outstanding academic studies to a still very controversial but at the same time highly important topic. With contributions by Adriana Baban, Virginia Ferreira, Johanna Gehmacher, Linda Gordon, Teija Hautanen, Yelena Kulagina, Maria Mesner, Ritva Nätkin, Ann Shola Orloff, Livia Popescu, Sílvia Portugal, Michele Rivkin-Fish, Aurelia Weikert, and Maria Andrea Wolf.


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