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JANUARY 22nd 1986,
Stiftung Bruno Kreisky Archiv
Wiener Institut für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit
Herbert Amry
Österreichisches Institut für Friedensforschung
und Erziehung

Komitee der Mütter der Verschwundenen, El Salvador
Menschenrechtskommission, Guatemala
Österreichische Füchtlingshilfe
International Historians of the Labour Movement (ITH)
Jewish-Arab House in Beth Berl, Israel
Erich Weisbier

The fourth award ceremony on 22nd January 1986, Bruno Kreisky's 75th birthday, held in the Karl Renner Institute in Vienna, was characterised by an emphasis on Austria. Among the prize winners were the Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation, the Austrian Institute for Peace Research and Education, the Bruno Kreisky Archives Foundation, Erich Weisbier, the International Conference of Historians of the Labour Movement, and, posthumously, ambassador Herbert Amry.

The prize to the Austrian Kuratorium for Refugee Aid was a first sign of awareness of the growing human rights problems of migrants in Austria and Europe.

Among those afflicted by civil war in Central America, awards went to the Guatemalan Human Rights Commission and the Committee of Mothers and Kindred of Political Prisoners, the „Disappeared“ and Murdered in El Salvador.

An award to the Jewish-Arab House in Beth Berl again honoured the Israeli Trade Union Federation Histadrut, which aimed to further understanding between the Jewish majority and the Arab minority in Israel.

Prize winners and guests of honour at the award ceremony in 1986.